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5 Ways To Place Your Rugs Over Carpet

rug over carpet flooring Photo by Curtis Adams

 “Is it a good or bad idea to place my rugs over carpet?” not an uncommon question to ask, though it has been overlooked at times. This is a problem dilemma at hand that a regular consumer in home décor would ponder over. However, it all depends ultimately on one’s mood, instincts, and preferences. The idea of having your rug to cover a portion or almost the entire living space on your wall-to-wall carpet varies. It might be for a function or a reunion dinner, maybe to enhance your overall home interior as an artistic appeal to your inviting guests from time to time. On the downside, it might be to cover some embarrassing wear and tear over your age-old carpet. Whatever the reason is, it always does the job well if you have done an ample amount of time browsing and researching about the know how’s. Hence, I have listed five helpful and effective ways that YES! you can place your rug over your carpet.


The size of your rug plays a very pivotal role over your wall-to-wall carpet, depending on the number of the square foot area of your house. Take your living room as the main starting point. You need to implement a larger sized rug (200 x 300 cm up to 300 x 400 cm), that will fill up almost the entire living room surface. Not only does it cover the large surface area of your living room space, but most importantly it will bring forth the warmth and exudes a harmonious environment. It is reasonably comprehensible that investing in a larger rug might not come easy given the amount of maintenance needed, not to mention pouring out big buckets of precious cash, that is your disposable income. But think of it in another way by picturing the creativity and cost-saving measures of having smaller sized rugs (80 x 150 cm up to 120 x 170 cm) going hand in hand that will complement each other’s colours and patterns. You can also place these smaller rugs in various sections of your room, like facing closer toward your couch, or even under your dining table.

Paint a Colourful Picture

Be aware when you choose your ideal rugs with colours. This is to ensure that your carpet complements well together with your rug. You do not want a contemporary multi-coloured carpet for instance, that clashes with your equally colourful rug be it a traditional or transitional rug, and most especially with a deeply coloured modern rug. Neutral coloured carpets, like the greyish ones, for example, will complement well with your multi or dual coloured rug. Shorter piled flatweave rugs with distinctive imageries like the Kilim collection goes well with your neutral greyish wall-to-wall carpet in any space that you apply.  With your plain coloured carpet embracing the pop of lively colours on your rug, it will ooze a great deal of positivity and uniqueness in your spatial environment. Because of this easy to follow implementation, you do not have to spend additional time and money on a complete room overhaul as this simple rug to carpet complementary colour hack has certainly done its magic for you!

Follow the Right Patterns

An important rule of thumb to note when placing rugs over your carpet, never mix and match any random rug on your carpet. You will need to have done some research and leave the guesswork out of the picture to find the right area rug with distinct patterns like geometric or floral ones for example and place it on a carpet that is of monochromatic colour. It means just one singular colour type (patterned rug over the plain carpet) or the reverse, be it a cut or looped piled carpet. Either of those two ideas works well together. Just remember not to complicate one pattern over another that will distort and overlap each other. It creates less of an ambience instead of revitalising it. Prevent thick piles on the top layer, as you do not want to create a foothill that you will tend to trip on. The whole purpose of this one very handy tip is to establish contrast and dimension that goes smoothly together.

Feel the Texture

The adjustment of texture in your rug is important when it comes to placing it over carpet flooring. Carpets that are of looped or short pile works better under an area rug, especially with woven or low piled rugs. Avoid placing your area rug over a very long-pile carpet as the rug will not have firm support, which will cause it to move about, crumple and crinkle over time.

Rugs Pads Are Your Safety Net

It is unsustainable to have your rug without a rug pad. These pads are not only just your lifesaver but also saves you a great amount of deal from unwillingly forking out medical costs for your injuries sustained from slipping. That is just a simple precautionary measure to keep in mind. However, choosing a specific kind of rug pad does matter in the long run. No two pads are ever the same when you have one for your hard flooring, and the other for carpet flooring. Look for rug pads that are made from recycled felt natural rubber with latex backing which are largely post-industrial fibres like polyester, and it is suitable for all types of surfaces including carpets.

Bottom Line

There is nothing wrong with being a little uncomfortable on your final decision after all the time-consuming research, and hard work you have done to get your preferences according to what you hope to envision. Nevertheless, everyone has their own opinions. Your visitors or family members might have different views from you, on how and what kind of rug should be placed over a carpet. If you have gotten the job done based on all the ideas that I have mentioned above, it is a sure-fire winner! And remember, DONE is always better than perfect! 😊

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